Woman holding the Droplette Skincare Device.

Work smarter, not harder! That’s exactly what you’ll do with the the Droplette Micro-Infuser. It’s the world’s most advanced skincare system…in fact it’s backed by NASA, with technology to push your products further than ever before. The Droplette is a hand-held device that helps serums penetrate the skin far deeper than topicals.

It’s my latest skincare obsession and I’m thrilled to tell you more about this product and why I’m loving it. Plus, Droplette has generously extended a  20% off discount code  when you order yours. Use TRULYMEGAN20 at checkout.

Droplette Skincare: Created With A Deeper Purpose

Co-founders Madhavi Gavini and Rathi Srinivas (MIT graduates) created Droplette to provide a painless and injection-free transdermal treatment system for a debilitating pediatric skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). After countless prototypes and experiments, they discovered a fascinating fluid physics phenomenon that profoundly enhanced drug absorption into the skin. Droplette has received support and funding from NASA, the National Institutes of Health, and is currently partnered with the Walter Reed Army Institute to use Droplette for treating blast wounds that impact soldiers on the field. Working alongside some of the world’s best experts and advisors, Madhavi and Rathi are bringing Droplette from the medical lab into the palm of our hands for the most effective at-home skincare system available.

Droplette Skincare Device and Daily Regime capsules.

Droplette Skincare Device and Daily Regime capsules.

Droplette Skincare Device and Daily Regime capsules.

Droplette Skincare Device and Daily Regime capsules.

Droplette Skincare Device and Daily Regime capsules.

Droplette Skincare Device and Daily Regime capsules.

Woman holding the Droplette Skincare Device.

Woman holding the Droplette Skincare Device.

Woman holding the Droplette Skincare Device.

Woman holding the Droplette Skincare Device.

How To Use The Droplette 

On the outside, Droplette is an adorable, pastel, handheld tool, but inside, it’s a powerful, intricate machine that turns skincare formulas into teeny, tiny droplets and converts them into an aerosol and high-velocity spray to penetrate the skin. All you do is pop the proprietary capsule in, press the button, and mist your face. It infuses active ingredients deep into the skin through a powerful yet gentle micro-mist and is the FIRST technology that delivers actives into the skin without using needles. ‘Droplets’ created by Droplette are up to 1000 times smaller than those created by other misters. Droplette gets the active ingredients past the skin barrier and deep into the epidermis (20x deeper than traditional skincare).

When you order a Droplette, you get to choose from 4 beautiful colors and then decide which serum capsules you prefer or if a curated routine is better suited for your skin goals. I’ll explain the formulations below.

After cleansing the skin both morning and evening, give your serum capsule a mild shake, slot it into the designated hole, and listen for the click that indicates it’s in place. Tilt your head back, turn the device on, and allow it to mist the different areas of your face. The Droplette mists for (3) 15 second intervals, so you are done in less than a minute. (Pro Tip: I run another cycle with the same capsule to make sure I’m using all the product). There should be enough in the capsules to hit your whole face, neck, chest, and hands. When finished, pop the capsule back out, place it in the prepaid shipping bag to return to the company for proper recycling, and carry on with your routine like usual. Each set of capsules comes with cleaning capsules for proper device sanitation. 

I always apply my favorite moisturizer and sunscreen after my morning mist and my favorite night time/retinol after my night time mist…knowing these products are working even more efficaciously.

Clinical Strength, Dermatologist-Approved Droplette Formulations

Currently, Droplette offers three dermatologist- developed formulations for everyday use to repair & resolve skin concerns. These serum capsules (hydration-focused with collagen, anti aging-focused with retinol, and illumination-focused with glycolic acid) can be purchased individually, as a subscription, or as part of a dermatologist-developed regimen system. 

Collagen Capsules –  Helps return your skin to a youthful, juicy state of supple hydration, while firming the skin with lifting effects.

Retinol Capsules – This formulation visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, starting from below the skin’s surface to help turn back the clock.

Glycolic Acid Capsules – Reveals your skin’s natural luminosity and clears away blemishes, while healing active imperfections.

Droplette Skincare Regimes

The curated regimes include different combinations of the same three formulas above, only these sets take the guesswork out of your routine and help to target concerns (hydration, wrinkles, skin texture & tone) more specifically in a rejuvenate → recovery cycle. There are three Droplette regimes to choose from. Each one is a 2 week cycle – Ultra Hydrate, Wrinkle Repair and Radiant Detox.

Droplette has also just launched two NEW regimes:

 Tranexamic Eraserto target and fade target hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and melasma. I’m currently using this on my hands to help fade dark spots.

Growth FactorThe first live, pure, sub-dermal Conditioned Media formulation, for skin that doesn’t just look younger…it is younger. I cannot wait to try!

My Review:

Our skin is designed to not let anything enter out body…so when you first use the Droplette, it almost feels like the mist is sitting on your face and doesn’t feel the way it does when you apply lotions or serums.

I’ve been using the Droplette for exactly one month. After two weeks into my pack of collagen capsules, with no other changes to my routine, I’ve noticed a marked difference in my skin’s luminosity and hydration. The hydrating collagen capsules are my absolute favorite!

I’m on week 2 of the Radiant Detox Regime, now incorporating retinol and glycolic mists along with collagen. My skin is already pretty use to a significant retinol percentage but wow, I can certainly feel that glycolic doing it’s magic.

All in all, I’m impressed and pleased by the immediate results. My skin just looks better… and that’s the ultimate goal here, right?

What Does It Cost?

The Droplette runs $299 plus the price of your monthly capsules/regimes, so it is definitely an investment. if you have it in the budget, it’s worth the investment. Is it going to replace your entire skincare routine? No, and it’s not meant to. You still need a face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen, but if you’ve got the basics down and you want to step up your routine to target some additional skin concerns, Droplette is unlike anything else on the market to penetrate the best anti-aging products deep into the skin.

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I’d love to answer any questions you have about Droplette, so leave me a comment below or email me anytime. Thanks for reading!

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