Dallas fashion blogger over 40 sharing how Estrogen Skincare has changed her skin for the better.

I’ve got a passion for pro-aging and sharing products that I believe all women should know about. I recently discovered a compounded estrogen skincare cream from Alloy called M4. Estrogen skincare is for ANY woman looking to reverse the effects of estrogen deficiency in the skin due to menopause, peri-menopause, or just aging. If you’re experiencing loss of collagen, decreased elasticity and moisture, and the appearance of wrinkles you’ll want to keep reading.

Estrogen Skincare For Menopausal Skin

There’s a reason your old moisturizer isn’t working…Did you know up to 30% of collagen is lost during the first 5 years of menopause and decreases by an additional 2.1% every year after? This statistic is fascinating and directed me on a path to make sure I’m using the most effective skincare on my menopausal skin.

Having entered menopause after a hysterectomy in my early 40s, my skin has suffered from the effects of estrogen deficiency for over 15 years. I’m thrilled to know there are solutions because we all deserve to age gorgeously!


How Does M4 Work?

The key ingredient in M4 is topical estriol. Topical estriol can help maintain skin health by:

  • Increasing Collagen Production
  • Retaining and Restoring Skin Moisture
  • Increasing Skin Firmness
  • Decreasing Pore Size
  • Decreasing Wrinkle Depth
  • Increasing Skin Elasticity

Over 40 Dallas beauty influencer sharing Estrogen Skincare M4 for firmer and more hydrated skin.

Close up show of over 40 beauty influencer using Estrogen Skincare.

I’ve been applying one pump of M4 to my face and neck every evening after I cleanse and tone, right after using my favorite serum, followed up with retinol. I pay particular attention to areas I’d like to improve (dehydration, sagging around my mouth and neck area). Adding M4 once to your morning or nighttime skincare routine is easy and safe to use with your other skincare solutions.

Dallas fashion blogger over 40 sharing aging secrets.

Over 40 Dallas fashion influencer sharing aging tips for women over 40.

Dallas beauty influencer sharing her results after using Estrogen Skincare.

I started to notice my skin looked plumper and more hydrated in just a few days.  After 6 weeks of using M4, my skin looks smoother, brighter, bouncier, and firmer. I smile every time I look in the mirror!

Over 40 beauty influencer applying cream to her arms to deal with dark & dry spots.

Dallas fashion blogger taking care of dry spots on her arm with Estrogen Skincare.

This past year I began noticing areas of my arms that need attention. I’ve got wrinkles and crepey-looking skin above my elbows so I started applying M4 to these areas and I’m definitely noticing an improvement.

Since M4 is local and non-systematic it won’t raise estrogen levels as it’s only absorbed locally in the tissue where it’s applied.

Over 40 woman applying cream to her face to reduce aging.

Are You Ready to get M4?

  1. Complete Alloy’s EASY online assessment in 1 minute.
  2. A menopause-trained doctor reviews your information and writes your prescription.
  3. Your prescription is shipped right to your door.
  4. Free and unlimited follow-up with your doctor.


Thank you to ALLOY for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.