Hair Growth

These past few years I haven’t been happy with my hair. It’s been thinning, looks less full and it’s just not growing. I contribute several things to this including menopause, stress and overall bad habits. In the quest to take control of my hair health, I’ve discovered products and tips that have helped my hair growth and improved my scalp health.

Several of my friends have commented lately on my hair and have asked me what I’m doing differently. Here are five tips, best practices and my must-have products that are making a huge difference in the look and health of my hair.


I’ve probably tried every hair growth supplement out there. Beginning in 2024, I discovered Wellbel + Women, a physician formulated daily supplement for women over 45, that provides age related support for hormonal changes and increased production of proteins to promote healthy skin, hair and nails through and beyond menopause. Wellbel formulas are 100% drug free, have fewer ingredients than other brands and work for all hair types.

Wellbel has three different formulations including a men’s supplement. I appreciate that this serves as my daily vitamin intake as well.

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Wellbel blends are formulated to support homonal balance and healthy hair cycles, promoting thicker, longer, healthier hair, and decreasing shedding. Made with ingredients that nourish from within, Wellbel provides the building blocks to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, keratin, and elastin to support healthy hair growth, stronger nails and radiant skin.

Wellbel is a single dose of three odorless and tasteless capsules taken once a day, recommended with food for optimal absorption. PRO TIP: the capsules can be opened and added to a smoothie/yogurt.

What makes Wellbel different? SAY GOODBYE TO BIOTIN OVERLOAD! Wellbel offers a balanced dose of biotin (500mcg) to help prevent the risk of breakouts, rashes and acne to help promote youthful, vibrant skin (other hair supplements have at least 6X the amount of biotin). Wellbel is also 23% less expensive than its leading competitor.

I started taking Wellbel + in February and here’s my hairline after 5 months.


Using effective products on my hair has been a game changer. After testing a few, I have found that Vegamour is a great line for hair loss/growth. I use their shampoo, conditioner, and serum. I’ve read that rice water is excellent for hair growth so I’ve been using the Briogeo Rice Water Protein Strengthening Treatment once per week. 

Here’s all my favorite products:


As with supplements, I have tried several collagen brands and for the past year I have been taking YÜ Collagen. This collagen contains Type I and Type III (bovine source) and promotes hair, skin, bone and joint health. This will boost the elasticity of your skin, help erase wrinkles and restore your youthful glow. I take one scoop of the BEAUTY COLLAGEN mixed in my water every single day!

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If you wear your hair up or back, use a silk hair tie or clip. Wearing a tight hair tie can cause serious breakage. Also, position your ponytail in different spots each time.


Did you know we should be washing our hair every day? We’ve bought into the myth that infrequent washing is good for hair health. Think of all the product we apply to our hair, sweating after a workout and the dust/dirt that gets stuck in our scalp. Just like your face you should wash it off every day!  Instead of washing my hair 2-3 times a week, I now wash it 4-5 times a week. A scalp scrubber helps remove that product buildup. Healthy hair starts at the scalp so NEVER use dry shampoo. Our scalp & hair needs moisture more than anything.

Most importantly, you must be diligent with these practices and products. It won’t happen overnight, but I promise your hair will grow!

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Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions!