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As we age, our bodies change in so many ways. It’s no wonder our hair changes as well. As a 50+ year old, caring for my aging hair has become a top priority, much like caring for my skin. l choose to be bolder, not older and I’m going to keep my blonde locks looking as beautiful as I can. Let’s talk hair!

Aging Hair

So what happens to your hair after the age of 45? The four key hair challenges are dryness, thinning, greying and quality.

Just like skin, hair shows signs of aging:

Thinning: as we age, we don’t just grow less hair, the diameter of each strand also thins.

Dryness: Our scalp’s natural oil production can drop in half as we age, which makes our hair feel thirsty and dry from roots to ends.

Graying: By our 50s, more than 90% of women have at least some gray hair, and one third of us want to show our grays off, not cover them up.

Hair Quality: hair flows like silk when each strand has a uniform shape, but as we age, time and damage can cause irregular hair shapes, giving us more frizz and flyaways.

My biggest issue is thinning hair and I have dealt with my entire life, but it has gotten worse as I have aged. I also have color treated hair which after years and years of this has caused dryness and had an affect on the quality and health of my hair.

How I’m Caring For My Aging Hair

I recently started using the Hair Biology haircare collection formulated for the unique hair needs of women over 45. Hair Biology believes in the power of age and the experiences that come with it.  Hair Biology has a full line of products specially formulated to work with our unique hair biology to give you AMAZING hair at any age. Products are sold exclusively on, (click here!) and at Target stores nationwide.

I’m using the Silver & Glowing Collection which includes a purple shampoo and purple conditioner that together cleanses, removes dulling residue without weighing my thin, fine hair down. As a blonde, I fight that yellow brassiness and this formulation corrects yellow tones while allowing true silver tones to shine through while also nourishing my hair. Ladies…I am so excited to have discovered this purple hair line to keep my blonde locks looking their best! For all you silver foxes, this collection is for you too!

The entire Hair Biology collection is infused with BIOTIN and free of PARABENS!

Check out the yellow tones on the left side photo. Right side photo is after just a few weeks of using the Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection. You can see the difference!

The Hair Biology Deep Hydration Mask is a weekly treatment to get smooth, silky hair. It helps to moisturize and hydrate that dry, dull, brittle hair that comes with aging PLUS it helps to protect against color fade. I love how my hair feels after I use this mask. I apply a quarter-size amount and massage it into my wet hair, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse. If I want extra hydration, I’ll wrap my hair in a warm towel and leave on for about 20 minutes.

The Hair Biology Argan Oil Taming Serum is a lovely product to nourish your hair and control that unwanted frizz. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly to help strengthen against damage, add shine and tame ends. I apply just a small amount into the palm of my hands, and distribute evenly to my damp hair from mid length to ends, then blow dry. It works well with the heat from your blow dryer or curling/flattening iron to finish off your look. I have a lot of new hair growth so its a great serum to use on my dry hair to tame any fly aways and smooth frizz…hello humid Dallas.

My Final Thoughts

When most beauty brands are catering to younger women, I love that Hair Biology is empowering age positivity among women 45+. Our spirit and confidence don’t stop as we get older, and neighed should beautiful hair. At 55 I can honestly say I am feeling and looking my best and bolder not older is a great mantra!

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