SOCO Botanicals Collection of Anti-Aging Products.

The skincare industry can be incredibly overwhelming! What if you could have everything you need in your skincare in fewer products? I’m excited to introduce you to SOCO Botanicals with 3 simple steps for simple, effective, anti aging skincare.

Not only is SOCO Botanicals clean and cruelty free, but it is an ultimate luxury, concentrated skin nutrition based in the heart of Austin, Texas. SOCO Botanicals packs MORE nutrients into FEWER products to give you noticeable, effective results in just a few weeks. I’ve been using their simplified approach for the past few months and sharing my review/results. PLUS I’ve discovered a HOLY GRAIL (4 in 1 product) that seriously does it ALL!

SOCO Botanicals

SOCO Botanicals is an 8 year old innovative & natural product line right out of Texas and I sure love supporting brands from my home state. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know SOCO’s founder, Scarlett Olson, via emails and phone calls and I am taken not only with the brand’s pillars but most importantly, how it has transformed my skin. SOCO Botanicals believes in restoring radiant health with powerful, anti aging skin nutrients at SUPER HIGH concentrated levels to deliver results with no cheap fillers that dilute the important ingredients. Think superfoods for your skin!

Not only is SOCO affordable, but I’m spending less time on my a.m. and p.m. routine and getting fantastic results!

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3 Steps For Simple, Effective Skincare

SOCO Botanicals created a daily skincare routine that is only 3 super nutrient-packed products: everything you need for daily skin care. Make sure you read this entire article to hear my REAL RESULTS.

Dallas lifestyle blogger Megan Saustad using SOCO Botanicals Citrus Gem Gel Cleanser.

1.) SOCO Citrus Gem Cleanser ($39.97)

This daily a.m. and p.m. cleanser smells divine with hints of citrus and lavender, and it washes away all traces of makeup and grit to leave my skin feeling clean and fresh. Just a little goes a long way to completely cleanse, in fact, I don’t feel its necessary to double cleanse with this wash. The hyaluronic acid helps my skin feel and look more plump and hydrated. I also love the fact that it doubles as an enzyme peel for natural exfoliation. I’ll leave it on for 5 minutes or so (1-2 times a week) then rinse off.

Dallas lifestyle blogger Megan Saustad using SOCO Botanicals Black Lava Scrub Face Polish.

2.) SOCO Black Lava Scrub Purifying Facial Polish ($36.97)

This lovely scrub is gentle enough to use every day, but I use it about 3 days a week to really detoxify my skin. The charcoal helps to clean your pores and pull out toxins while the apricot and bamboo give gentle exfoliation for a beautiful glow. I’ve noticed smaller pores, less inflammation and an overall glow! It helps prep my skin so the elixir oil soaks right in!

Dallas lifestyle blogger Megan Saustad using SOCO Botanicals Symphony Face Oil Elixir.

Dallas lifestyle blogger Megan Saustad using SOCO Botanicals Symphony Face Oil Elixir.

3.) SOCO Symphony Face Oil Elixir ($39.96)

SOCO Symphony Face Oil DOES IT ALL!!!!  It replaces your SERUM, EYE CREAM, DAY CREAM, and NIGHT CREAM…all in ONE BOTTLE and I’m OBSESSED! My skin drinks it up. This elixir has all the ingredients you need for a PERFECT face oil. See the 20+ active ingredients on the chart below and what they do for YOU and YOUR SKIN! If there is only one product you decide to try THIS IS IT LADIES!!!!!

This oil has Sea Buckthorn for vitamin C & skin healing, Co10 to boost collagen production, Pomegranate to help reduce the appearance of sunspots, and Red Raspberry for antioxidant power and NATURAL SPF (between 28-50 SPF). In fact, I don’t even have to wear an additional sun protection when I’ve applied my face oil. There really is no other face oil blend like it on the market.

I apply it a.m. and p.m. as my only product.

Be sure and check out the video below to hear more about the SOCO Symphony Face Oil by founder Scarlet Olson.

SOCO Botanicals Symphony Face Oil Elixir Active Ingredients.


SOCO Botanicals also has a lovely Hand & Body Oil ($45) as well as organic Tinted Lip Balms ($8) that I have been using all summer long for the ultimate in summer hydration!

Real Results:

Since using the SOCO Botanical 3 step process I seen improvements in my skin. Most noticeable is the diminished redness in my face and neck area which has always been a problem due to early sun damage. I have stopped using foundation and can simply go with a light dusting of powder. I haven’t broken out once and my fine lines and wrinkles seem less prominent. My skin looks and feels healthier and plumper and I know my collagen production is improving as I’m feeding my skin the best nutrients. I also have a few minor scars on my face that seem to be fading as are the little dark spots also caused by sun damage. I’m very happy with these results.

Please send me any questions you might have about these products or read the SOCO Botanicals FAQ here.

SOCO Botanicals: Simplify Your Life. Fewer Products. Higher Potency. Extraordinary Results.

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Thank you to SOCO Botanicals for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Anti Aging Skincare

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