Calecim Stem Cell Skincare Range.

In the quest for younger, more youthful skin I’m always intrigued with the latest skincare advances. I recently discovered Calecim Professionala cosmeceutical company that uses stem cell technology to rapidly increase the growth of skin cells, dramatically improving elastin and density to help achieve skin that is healthier, more resilient and radiant.

The idea that stem cells can be harvested to fully reverse the effects of aging sounds pretty futuristic. And yet this is where science, and skincare, is heading. Let’s discuss!

Calecim Professional: Stem Cell Skincare

Calecim Professional is the only skincare range enhanced with a patented protein mix derived from stem cells from the umbilical cord of Red Deer, which are the best mamillian match, free from disease and collected under strict animal welfare laws. Umbilical cords provide the richest source of stem cells and are the least invasive as they can be collected naturally during birth.

it’s the active ingredients derived from stem cells (cord lining stem cells to be exact) that work their magic.

Calecim’s parent company Cell Research Corp has been researching the application of stem cells in topical skincare for over 10 years and have developed their signature CALECIM® PTT-6 which includes the following:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – a wonderful humectant that’s naturally found in our skin.
  • Glycoproteins – A type of peptide that’s also a natural part of our skin. It works with other ingredients like hyaluronic acid to reinforce our skin’s barrier and keep it smooth and healthy. They also act as growth factor reservoirs, which are then released after proteolysis, or the breakdown of the protein. Growth factors then trigger a cell signaling cascade that stimulates cell growth and repair!
  • Collagen – While this ingredient won’t directly add to the collagen levels in our skin, it does work as an excellent humectant to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Albumin – A protein also found in egg whites and a film former, which can make your skin feel tight. It’s actually a pretty important protein in our body performing many critical functions, but from a skincare perspective the benefits are limited.
  • Fibronectin – A protein that’s found to help with wound healing when applied topically on the skin. There’s also some evidence that together with growth factors the effects on skin healing are enhanced.

Within the first 14 days of use, Calecim results in improved appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and decreased laxity (with optimal results in 90 days).

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Why Stem Cell Skincare?

As we age, the number of stem cells in our body decreases, meaning we get less of their rejuvenating and reparative effects. This is why young children recover from wounds relatively quickly without scarring, while older people take longer to heal. There are different types of stem cells; two are found in the umbilical cord lining – Mesenchymal Stem cells, which differentiate into inner organs including the dermal layer of the skin; and Epithelial Stem Cells, which differentiate into the epidermal layer. Because of this, the unique active ingredient in Calecim Professional products effectively communicate with every layer of the skin to rejuvenate and renew.

This unique “Youth Messaging” technology directs skin to:
  • Increase Glycoprotein production (such as Hyaluronic Acid) to increase skin fullness
  • Mobilize skin cells, so that they are encouraged to move in a specific direction, especially when there are wounds or traumas that need to be healed
  • Activate skin cells to divide or instruct senescent cells to die, to restore epidermal cell turnover.

The Calecim Skincare Range

I’ve been using the Calecim Professional skincare products for the past month and I’m really happy with the results. The elasticity and overall tone and texture of my skin is vastly improved and my redness and splotchy areas are diminishing. I’m breaking down each of the products in the entire range and how I’m using them every day.

CALECIM Professional Pigment Solution

– Dissolve Skin Discoloration Effectively and For Good

I apply the  Pigment Solution on clean, toned skin morning and night before any other products. It has helped target stubborn skin discoloration and also treats the entire process of hyperpigmentation and melasma. which I know many women struggle with. This product has helped lighten brown spots caused by sun damage on the left side of my face and also improved red splotchy areas.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

CALECIM Multi Action Cream

– For Dramatic Lifting and Tightening

This is a thick moisturizer I use day and night, which is effective for mature skin that feels dry and aging. The Multi Action Cream works to lift and firm the skin and I apply it before my daily moisturizer and  or over Retinol at night. With 50% growth factors, this cream helps with hydration and cellular regeneration.

I noticed amazing results in just 2 weeks, including smoother, more radiant skin and improved discoloration, however optimum results are usually seen within 90 days of use.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

CALECIM Professional Restorative Hydration Cream

– Hydrate Across Every Level

This is a lighter formulation to hydrate and moisturise the skin. I apply the Restorative Hydration Cream  day and night over the corrective treatment. It contains 40% growth factors. Restorative Hydration Cream is ideal to help revive dry, tired and stressed skin as the fast-acting ingredients target all levels of the skin.

I’ve notice my skin looks instantly plumper and more hydrated with visible improvement of fine lines, shadows, and a restored youthful glow.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

CALECIM Professional Recovery Night Complex

– Cools. Comforts. Repairs. All Night Long

At night I apply the Recovery Night Complex. It provides comfort, hydration and reparative benefits for skin in distress. This through-the-night gel application coats the skin with a thin layer of healing stem cell proteins and provides skin with non-stop hydration while you’re sleeping. Every morning I wake up with refreshed and hydrated skin with less redness.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

Woman using Calecim Skin Cell Skincare.

CALECIM Professional Serum

– Post Procedure Treatment To Enhance Skin’s Restorative Process

The Serum contains high concentrations of PTT-6 and is highly effective for use after aesthetic treatments like laser, skin needling or skin peels. It’s also effective to use every day as a skin booster. This serum will calm, soothe and restore the skin while reducing downtime by diminishing redness, swelling and discomfort, while actively rejuvenating the skin to combat signs of aging.

I recently had injections and experienced some swelling and bruising. The serum gave me instant relief and cut down my recovery time.

Woman holding Calecim Stem Cell Skincare Serum.

– A New Paradigm In Hair Revitalization

The Advanced Hair Solution is a 6 week program to help reduce shedding and hair loss and stimulate hair growth by re-invigorating the hair follicle. I just recently started using the AHS to help with thinning areas. It’s simple to use and I can’t wait to see how it improves my hair.

Calecim Stem Cell Advanced Hair System Kit.


If y you’re interested in trying out Calcium Professional, use CODE: MEGAN to save 15% on your order. As always, please reach out with any questions.

Thank you to Calecim Professional for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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