Beauty blogger shares honest review of Herbal Face Food anti aging serums.

Beauty blogger shares honest review of Herbal Face Food anti aging serums.

Beauty blogger showing Herbal Face Food Serum II.

Beauty blogger shares Herbal Face Food Serum II review.

Beauty blogger shares honest review of Herbal Face Food anti aging serums.

Beauty blogger holding Herbal Face Food serums.

I may have just found *the* skincare game changer you’ve been searching for. Meet Herbal Face Food, organic serums that help with all anti aging concerns by eradicating fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, discoloration, loss of skin tone, and redness in record time. These serums also helps tackle issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, melasma and psoriasis.

I’ve been using Herbal Face Food for 7 months now and I feel like I have found the fountain of youth. Not only are these serums highly effective, but you DO NOT need to change up your skincare regime. Use your favorite HFF serum BEFORE any other products you are currently using and loving… morning and night. It’s like super salad for your face and I feel like I’ve found the HOLY GRAIL!

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Herbal Face Food: Anti Aging Skincare Serums

Herbal Face Food makes 100% plant serums using 50 of the world’s most powerful botanicals and the top 20 rarest, most expensive plant concentrates. Herbal Face Food serums are multi-correctional and target ten signs of aging notably sun damage, dullness and texture. The serums are 100% organic and made entirely from plants without filler ingredients,

The Herbal Face Food serums are VERY powerful and have increasing levels of concentration to suit your skincare needs.There’s no fancy marketing with Herbal Face Food, just raw, active products that actually correct skin issues and have long been a cult favorite with South Korea’s elite and ordered in bulk by Tom Brady & Giselle.

Herbal Face Food is a culmination of the founder Michael Zenn’s mission to create the most powerful serum ever that would solve years of tanning bed damage deemed irreversible by professionals. I had the pleasure of spending 30 minutes on the phone with Michael Zenn to hear his personal story. Michael sustained massive hyperpigmentation and damage to his skin that professionals told him would be permanent. Rather than turning to temporary solutions like lasers and bleaching, he decided to instead look to plant actives that are more powerful than synthetic drugs or creams. He collaborated with an array of herbalists and botanists for over a decade to identify the world’s most potent plants with healing antioxidants and phytochemicals. The result is a set of products that are some of the most powerful youth-enhancing serums on the market.

You Eat What You Put On Your Skin!

Feed your skin carefully, because it’s actually your biggest mouth. When you apply anything on your body’s largest organ, you are absorbing at least 67% of its ingredients directly into your body. The dirty secret that Corporate Skincare Industry doesn’t want you to know is that after just one application, toxins from their skincare products can be found in your bloodstream and vital organs within 28 minutes. The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every single day, which equates to about 5lbs of chemicals absorbed into the body each year.

Numerous harmful ingredients found in skincare have been linked to many chronic diseases and cancer. According to research, preservatives (parabens) used in skincare have been found in nearly 100% of breast cancer tumor biopsies. Yikes!

Herbal Face Food is a skincare revolution!

The reason Herbal Face Food calls themselves the strongest anti-aging serums on the market is because the antioxidant level of products can be measured and their serums have the highest “score”. There is a scientific method for measuring the antioxidant / anti-aging power of a given ingredient or plant-chemical combination— and it’s called an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) rating. Based on this, Herbal Face Food serums supposedly have 100,000 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. Check out this chart to compare the ORAC score of Herbal Face Food compared to some leading skincare brands.

A list of top skincare brands and their ORAC.

Herbal Face Food is a line of now five anti aging skincare serums labeled numerically as:

  • The Serum I
  • The Serum II
  • The Serum III
  • The Cure X
  • The Cure XX

Herbal Face Food – Serums I & II

Herbal Face Food Serum I is a daily use anti-aging serum. When you begin with Herbal Face Food, you’ll start here. Just like retinol, your skin will need to acclimate to the ingredients in this serum. You will feel a tingle sensation when you first apply…it’s the ingredients going right to work…feels spicy on your skin.

Some people can stay at Serum I if they find it works well! If you need a bit more power, you can move your way up to Serum II.This is the same formula as the Serum I but it has more intensity and healing. The level two is twice as potent as the level one with a more intense warming sensation, stronger scent and quicker results.

After finishing my first bottle of Serum 1, I ordered Serum II.  With all Herbal Face Food serums you can feel them working immediately with a warming sensation from the active plants. The scent takes some time to get used to…it is strongly medicinal and herbal, but smells so clean.

Prices range from $65-$190.

Herbal Face Food The Cure X

Herbal Face Food The Cure X is the line’s most potent serum for extreme multi-correction for problem areas. I use it on my forehead and neck to combat fine lines and wrinkles as well as areas of my face to help with hyper-pigmentation.

The Cure X Addresses:

• Acne
• Rosacea
• Eczema 
 – Psoriasis
• Melasma
• Extreme Sun Damage
• Deep Wrinkles
• Dark Circles
• Moles / Skin tags
• Warts / Cold Sores
• Scarring
• Lesions
• Dermatitis

With The Cure I feel an intense “tingling” sensation for a a few minutes which Herbal Face Food says this is The Cure reversing damage. This dermal warming experience (Thermo-phytochemical reaction) allows plant nutrients into the skin for anti-aging, cellular generation, elasticity, resiliency and to restore collagen and elastin to the dermis.

Prices range from $95-$285.

My Honest Review

I will tell you that these serums are the best anti aging skincare products I have ever used. I had noticeable results after the first week includingI an immediate tightening and firming sensation. My skin tone looks more even and I have reduced hyperpigmentation. Most noticeable is the decreased redness in my skin. Many of the plants in the Herbal Face Food serums are great at healing and reducing scars as well so I’ve used the Cure on some old scars on my hands and they have slowly faded.

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Herbal Face Food anti aging skincare serums 1, 2 and The Cure.

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