Dallas fashion blogger Megan Saustad wearing Alice & Olivia Snake Print Suit and Allegra James shoes. #aliceandolivia #snakeprintsuit #allegrajames #fallfashions

Fashion blogger waring Allegra James patent and crystal slide. #allegrajamesshoes #allegrajames #blackpatentsandal

Dallas style blogger Truly Megan wearing Alice & Olivia Snake Print and Allegra James black patent mules with crystal heels. #aliceandolivia #snakeprint #fallfashions #allegrajames

Every once in a while, there is a shoe line that I become completely obsessed with. Today I want to introduce you to Allegra James. I am absolutely wild for this gorgeous new shoe collection because the designs are beautiful and unique…like nothing I have ever seen before… and the price point is extremely reasonable for a designer label.
Plus, meet the talented designer behind Allegra James through my Q&A.


Allegra James Shoe Designs

Fashion and confidence are the soul of the brand, designed for the woman who is unapologetic about her femininity and desire to look beautiful.

The Allegra James collection is truly an eclectic mix of gorgeous designs with something for everyone. I have fallen in love with this brand, not only because it is super chic and fashionable, but also because Allegra James’ designs are extremely comfortable. You can find everything from sandals and wedges to sneakers and pumps with price points between $135 and $215. Seriously, I haven’t found another shoe collection that compares in detail and beauty to Allegra James at this price point.

I am mad for the black patent wedge I have on in my pictures. This particular style is sold out, but it comes in a similar and stunning White Slide. The crystal block heels give these shoes added sass and glam! These Crystal Embellished Sandals are also to die for!

You will find faux pearl heels on the Black & Camel Robina Mule, and the Blanche Slide in tweed or Black Suede. The Lisa Flat Mule comes in a bright yellow or blue suede and features a baguette and pavé crystal buckle. I also love the feminine look of the Maxine Pointed Toe Mule with it’s black mesh and textured polka dot…total glam!

If you do not own a sock bootie, I highly recommend the Lina Open Toe Bootie in either black or beige. Check out the crystal heels on the Blake Bootie as well as the crystal flowers on the Rose Bootie.

Allegra James is available to purchase at Nordstrom or on its home site, here.


Meet Tom Lindsay: The Talented Designer Behind Allegra James

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Tom Lindsay, the co-founder and designer of Allegra James. Tom and I have been friends for almost 35 years and he is the sweetest, funniest and one of the most talented people I know. It is an honor for me to highlight Allegra James, its vision and mission through my Q&A with Tom.

1. Say something about your background. Where are you from, where did you go to school, etc.?

I grew up in New Orleans and moved to Texas in the middle of my sophomore year. I was devastated to leave NOLA, but ended up falling in love with Texas. I went to Kingwood high school in Houston and then went to Texas A & M University and studied speech communication. I had a wonderful high school and college experience; the friendships I made back then have been life long. I wouldnt change a thing.

2. What was your first job out of college?

My very first Job out of college was Neiman Marcus and I stayed there for 25 years. It was the early 90’s and I couldn’t find a job anywhere. A friend’s brother was a recruiter for NM and I begged him for a job. My first job at NM was answering the phones in the women’s cashmere buying office. I then went on to work in Mens sportswear, designer jewelry, and my final buying job was ladies shoes.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

I am very casual. I live in a white JCrew button down, jeans and sneakers. I spent 25 years wearing a suit and tie at Neiman Marcus, this whole casual thing is new to me and i love it.

4. Did you always want to be a designer?

It never even crossed my mind but the jobs I had at NM all had to do with creating product. When I was in mens we did the Neiman Marcus private label so we were designing items to put the Neiman Marcus label in. Then I went on to be a Jewelry buyer and I did the same thing. This is really where I did a lot of designing. We did private label jewelry under the NM label and I worked with all the jewelry designers to design things that would resonate with the NM customer. Many times when working with the designers they would tell me I had the ability to design.

5. Why did you decide to launch a shoe line?

In 2017 my life partner got a job in San Francisco that we couldn’t say no to. So after 25 years and Neiman Marcus I retired and we moved. I was going to take some time off and enjoy retirement but that lasted about a week. I was talking to my friend Annelie Hofstrom, who is now my business partner, and we decided we would try to do private label for different companies. Annelie had been with Manolo Blahnik and knew everything about production. Together we designed some shoes and before we knew it we were doing private label for NM Last Call, Opening Ceremony, Harvey Nichols, and Anthropologie. The Allegra James brand never crossed our mind at this point.

6. Where does the name ‘Allegra James’ come from?

Well, this is actually a pretty funny story. I was showing the shoes to the website Lulus.com and wanted to do private label for them. Halfway through the meeting the buyer said she didn’t want to do private label, she wanted to do our brand. So I texted Annelie and said you have 30 seconds to come up with our brand name and thus Allegra James was born.

7. How do you name your styles?

We give all our shoes girl names. We do so many samples when we are in China designing that it is usually a mix of random names and names of friends. By the end of the design process it gets really hard to think of names.

8. Where do you find your inspiration for Allegra James’ designs?

This is a real mix of things. We both have very stylish friends and we look to them and think about what they love to wear. I also always think about the Dallas girl and follow a lot of Dallas influencers ( yourself included ) and try to think about what they would like. We also pull from our past work experiences and think about what worked back when and why and can we take a modern twist on some old successful styles.

9. What has been the biggest obstacle in launching a shoe line?

We are a two person operation. We do everything ourselves and we have had to learn everything from trial and error. There were many days that I thought I can’t do this it is too hard, but at the same time I couldn’t quit. So we just keep plugging along and try to stay positive.

10. What are you most proud of or consider your greatest success thus far?

I think i am most proud that we are completely self funded so far. We might take investors at some point but today we have done it all ourselves.

11. You are now carried in one of the biggest retailers in the country, Nordstrom! What is next for Allegra James?

We are going to start talks with Neiman Marcus about being on their website and Zappos has expressed interest. Fingers crossed !!!

12. What would you like women to know about Allegra James Shoe Designs?

We are very passionate about mental health and we support NAMI. Below is our statement regarding this.

At Allegra James, we feel that every woman should feel beautiful, both inside and out. And because one in five Americans live with a mental health condition—women included—receiving treatment that helps us live our fullest lives is more crucial than ever. This is why we’re taking the step to shine a light on the subject of mental health while helping to reduce the stigma surrounding the issue by supporting NAMI the National Alliance on Mental Health IllnessSocial media may feature a constant stream of images of women with seemingly perfect lives and bodies, but we hope the women who love our shoes will embrace the imperfections that make each one unique and beautiful in their own way. Our valued Allegra James customers should feel empowered and unapologetic when they wear our shoes, regardless of their shape or shade or age.

Thank you Tom for sharing a little about yourself and Allegra James. Below is a picture of Tom and me taken about 5 years ago at a friend’s 50th birthday party.

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