I’ve discovered the most gorgeous jewelry line and had to share! Introducing French Kande, a collection of unique pieces made with mixed metals, crystals, pearls and the most gorgeous French medallions – each one with a special history and meaning. This opulent line of stackable necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets has me swooning. The more you wear the more captivating you look and I adore the brand’s story.

Discover French Kande Jewelry

French Kande is founded and designed by Kande who turned her love of Parisian vintage medallion finds and pearls into the most drool worthy jewels worn by fashion forward women across the globe. Each piece is made to order in LA by local artisans and carried online and in high end specialty boutiques across the country. These pieces make lovely gifts for your favorite someone or as a gift to yourself…because you deserve it to look and feel beautiful. Prices range from under $100- $500 and you can earn VIP rewards.

Here’s Kande’s story…

“Back in 2009, as I was wandering the backstreets of Paris – my favorite city in the world­­ – I happened upon these crusty, little medallions. So stylish and captivating, they were unlike anything I had ever seen. I purchased a handful for what I hoped would make nice gifts for friends and family back home. Little did I know, that day would change my life. First let me say, I love pearls; with a pair of jeans and a tee or a cute LBD. Whether I’m out on the town or on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, nothing makes me feel more feminine. So, a few months after returning stateside, when I clasped an old medallion onto an opera length strand of pearls, something clicked…and that was the day French Kande was born.

When I think about the future of French Kande, I’ve come to realize it’s not simply about making jewelry, it’s really about how beautiful a woman feels when she wears it.”

My French Kande

I’ve recently started my French Kande collection with two stunning necklaces . I love these worn apart but they are even better worn stacked. In fact, I think I’ll keep stacking…LOL!

The first is the BLUE APATITE WITH CANARD PATRIE STACK MEDALLION AND TASSEL necklace from the NEW Saint Germain Collection.This necklace features 28” of faceted Blue Apatite with silver wire, exclusive Smooth bezel, Canard Patrie Stack medallion and small tassel. It’s absolutely beautiful all by itself or layered with other designs.

Whenever Kande travels to Paris, she most often stays in the Latin Quarter – or 6th arrondissement – which is named Saint Germain des Pres. Bursting with cafes, boutiques and landmarks, you can spend hours people-watching and sipping espresso at the famous Café Deux Maggots or Café Flore. Saint Germain exudes a romantic, bohemian vibe and the true spirit of Paris. Down to earth yet elegant, strolling through the Quarter is the ultimate Paris experience.

Above outfit by cabi.

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This French Kande piece is the DOUBLE STRANDED PEARLS AND CHEVAL CHAIN WITH BOCQUE MEDALLION from the St. Sulpice Collection. It features two 17″ strands of silver freshwater pearls with silver wire and Cheval chain, exclusive FK Oval bail, Austrian Crystal micro backplate and Bocque medallion.

I’ve been wearing it with so many things…blouses, sun dresses, jackets…it really ties a look together and I get stopped every time I have on my French Kande.

History of the Bocque Medallion: The medaille d’honneur des chemins de fer” is an honor medal awarded by the French Republic for work rendered in service with the railroads. It was created by decree in 1913 to commemorate 30 years of service.

I hope you’ll visit French Kande to see all the gorgeous, one of a kind medallion jewelry that really is a feast for your eyes.

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