Dallas blogger wearing the cabi Lyric Blouse and High Low Crop Jeans.

Congratulations to cabi as they celebrate their 20th anniversary and two stylish decades of serving women! Today I’m sharing more about the cabi story PLUS a cute red, white and blue look perfect for 4th of July!

Happy 20th cabi!

How It Started…

The year was 2001, and the world of retail had women leaving the mall deflated by the anxiety and inefficiency of endless, isolated browsing. Clothing designer Carol Anderson began wondering if there was a way to better serve women by giving them the focus, help, and guidance they desired. She had a devoted following of women across the country and thought if she could just circumvent the store process by providing full, unedited collections directly to the women she designed for, shopping would forever be changed.

Women wanted clothes as unique and special as they were and wanted to enjoy shopping . Women also needed flexible ways to work and …not asked to choose between family life or a career. Carol, along with Kimberly Inskeep, an accomplished Management Consultant, dreamed of creating one solution to address both problems. Together with 10 cofounders, they wondered…would bringing designer fashion into a girlfriend’s living room with a stylist offering personalized style and ideas bring back the joy of shopping while offering a fun and flexible career option? They were quietly transforming the retail industry through what became the cabi Fashion Experience.

By bringing a uniquely styled clothing line to a home setting, women received an opportunity to hear about the hottest trends and discover their true style in the company of close friends. Trained cabi Stylists transformed that looming question of “What do I wear?” into an occasion to enter one’s closet with a sense of boldness, confidence, and even fun. The cabi customers build functional wardrobes that are so completely “them” while supporting a woman as she builds a substantial career that lets her call her own shots.

cabi’s Creed became “Affect lives through relationships.”. So much of retail is about just making another sale, and cabi set out to be much more than that. The opportunities to shop these days—whether online or at the mall—are endless, but the opportunity to form meaningful bonds between women is a unique part of the cabi Fashion Experience.

To Today…

From 12 founding women to thousands of cabi Stylists today, it’s official: cabi women have changed the retail game. They’ve come together for a common purpose: developing a culture centered on women helping women—serving rather than selling, collaborating rather than competing, and transforming not transacting.

This transformative spirit has caused a ripple of goodness that extends so much further than one community. Cabi’s living legacy is not only the lives transformed in living rooms across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., but also the women’s lives transformed around the world. Believing that true beauty is found when we live selflessly and give generously, The Heart of cabi Foundation is dedicated to serving and empowering women in need, providing entrepreneurial opportunities for women in developing countries in collaboration with Opportunity International. From humble beginnings with a dozen visionaries to additional leadership joining the team to serve a vast network of inspired and empowered women, cabi’s story is a story of connection.

cabi believes our true style—whether in fashion or in life—is discovered when we’re connected.

If you’re interested in a career with cabi, reference the information here.

What I’m Wearing:

There’s only a few more weeks to shop the cabi Spring Collection! This cabi outfit is perfect for summer and 4th of July. Eyelet is trending all season long and the Lyric Top (Size SM) in red and white offers a great take on this summer classic. I’m wearing it open over a white bodysuit and paired with the High Low Crops (Size 0).

White Sandals – Save 10% with code TRULY10

Spanx Bodysuit

Gold Chain Link Necklace – Save 20% with code: LTKMEGAN20

Dallas blogger wearing the cabi Lyric Blouse and High Low Crop Jeans.

Dallas blogger wearing the cabi Lyric Blouse and High Low Crop Jeans.

Dallas blogger wearing the cabi Lyric Blouse and High Low Crop Jeans.

Dallas blogger wearing the cabi Lyric Blouse.

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cabi 20th Anniversary

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