Dallas lifestyle blogger shares her organized closet and 5 questions to ask when doing a closet clean out.

I’m obsessed with style but I also love a spotless closet. We all know it’s never easy to get rid of clothes, but a closet clean out is very important to do every spring and fall. Think of it as making more space for pieces that fit you better, feel amazing and better reflect your personal style goals.

With many of us finding extra time on our hands during the self-quarantine period, there is no better time to give your closet a full detox.

I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw


  Closet Edit 101


What You Will Need: 

First things first…let’s talk about what you will need to make this closet clean out go smoothly.

Donation Boxes/Trash Bags – You will want several on hand for drop off at non for profits, etc.

An Afternoon – Block out a good amount of time to devote to this project. If you are a real clotheshorse, plan on 8 or so hours.

Rolling Racks – I highly recommend investing in a couple of rolling racks. These come in handy whenever I do my closet clean outs and I like having them on hand when I plan outfits and pack for trips. These racks fold up and slide under your bed for easy storage. I can’t tell you how many times I have used my rolling racks for household purposes. If you are taking your edited clothes to consignment, most require they be on hangers, so having rolling racks help make this easier.


5 Questions To Ask When Doing A Closet Clean Out

These 5 questions are my tried and true! I have been using this formula for over 20 years, helping women with closet edits and consulting in my styling business.

1.) Does This Still Fit?

Let’s be real here. If the item no longer fits, it is time to toss. Clothes that don’t fit just take up room and taunt you as unwearable items. You should be able to walk into your closet and be able to wear everything without it being ill-fitting.

If you plan on getting something tailored, DO IT. Place it on a rack or in a separate closet and if it isn’t tailored during the next year, guess what…it needs to go!

2.) Have I Worn This In The Past Year?

This is the hardest one for most of us! Sometimes I do give myself some grace if it ‘checks off’ the other boxes, but most likely, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you aren’t going to wear it, so out it goes. Special occasion items are the exception here and perhaps if an item holds sentimental value like that wrap that belonged to your grandmother.

3.) Does This Fit My Signature Style (Would I Buy This Again)?

Over the years, our personal style changes and evolves. My early 40 year old self doesn’t dress like my 50 year old self and that is PERFECTLY FINE! Look at the garment and seriously ask yourself if you were shopping TODAY, would you buy it? Does it fit your signature style? If you wouldn’t and it doesn’t, then it is time to part ways. If you aren’t sure what your signature style is, you need to have one. See the post I did on 4 Steps To Finding Your Signature Style.

4.) Is This Still In Good Shape?

If the garment has any cosmetic problems or is in need of repairs, it is time to ditch. You deserve a wardrobe that has all of it’s buttons, doesn’t have stains, pills or hems falling out. The way those items look is a reflection of YOU!

5.) Does This Make Me Feel & Look Amazing?

Look at the garment and ask yourself “Does this make me feel powerful, beautiful and amazing?” If the answer is ‘no’ then it is taking up space in your closet (and life) when more important things could take its place.

Side Notes:

  • For every new garment I purchase, my rule of thumb is to get rid of one to two items. This has kept me in ‘check’ over the years.
  • What to do with your discards? I am a firm believer in donating anything that’s clean and hole/tear/stain free to a women’s shelter or non-profit secondhand store of your choice. For items that are just too valuable, I always consign. I use two stores in Dallas; Clothes Circuit and Clotheshorse Anonymous. I also have luck selling things on our neighborhood Facebook page.

Are you ready to reach closet nirvana? I’ll be back with my next post on Tips For Organizing Your Closet. Stay tuned…


Much love to ALL OF YOU and STAY HEALTHY!

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