One of the most beautiful fashion trends of late is layering necklaces. Not only do they add a bit of glam to any look, but this trend is a great way to express your own personal style. Today I’m sharing tips on mastering the necklace layering trend so you can pull it off with ease.

5 Tips For Layering Necklaces

1.) Combine different necklace styles.

Half the fun of layering is juxtaposing contrasting styles. Wear your modern pearls or pavé with contemporary motifs and geometric shapes. Also, choose different chain styles (bead, cable, rolo, rope and snake) with different weights and textures.

2.) Combine different chain lengths.

By choosing necklaces of different lengths you can achieve a cascade effect that allows each piece to stand out on its own. If most of your necklaces are the same length, a necklace extender can be used.

3.) Mix your metals.

Once it was considered “wrong” to combine jewelry with contrasting metal colors, but that’s no longer a hard and fast guideline. Some of the best looks come from pairing different styles, with variations in weight, metal, color, stones, texture and cost. It’s a blank canvas so mix and match as you see fit.

4.) Consider the neckline of your top.

Think of the cut of your top as a frame for your necklaces. The neckline of your shirt and your style of jewelry should work together, not compete. Your clothing and your jewelry are like any other successful relationship—they should result in a great partnership, each one complementing the other.

5.) Feel free to break the rules.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to layering necklaces, and the few that do exist are just begging to be broken. I love the idea of digging deep into your jewelry box and playing around with those necklaces you haven’t worn in years.  Because the rules are, there ARE NO RULES!

If you want to start with one necklace to start a layer, this would be it! The chain link necklace is the trending necklace of the season and my favorite is the Marta Necklace by Jennifer Zeuner. It comes in three polished metals (gold, silver or rose gold) and can be worn as a choker or collar necklace with a four-inch extender, making it the ultimate layering piece. Wear it alone for a chic minimalist look, or layer it with other chains to make a statement.

One of my favorite reasonably priced jewelry brands is Ettika. They have a large selection of necklaces to choose from including this Crystal Detailed Triple Layer Necklace. I’m also wearing the Throw Away the Key Necklace (currently sold out). This Sparkle Link Chain is also a favorite. Use CODE: trulymegan20 for 20% off your EVERYTHING at Ettika good through June 30th.

This double coin necklace by Amber Sceats would be perfect added to any of the necklaces I have shown. Coins will always be a timeless jewelry design and this one is gorgeous!

I was recently introduced to another gorgeous jewelry line, Daisy London.  Immediately, the Estée Lalonde Ring Necklace caught my eye because it is vintage inspired, set on a statement chain made from 18ct gold plated silver and features a hanging, organic shaped ring pendant. It is also available in silver. The thinner chain link and length are perfect!

What is your favorite way to layer necklaces? You will definitely see more of this chic fashion trend coming in future looks.

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Much love to ALL OF YOU and STAY HEALTHY!

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