Women wearing Frank & Eileen Travel Set and rolling Away Aluminum Edition Luggage.

As a former flight attendant, I fancy myself a travel expert. When it comes to your outfit, your travel style should be easy, effortless, comfortable but ALWAYS pulled together. No cringe-worthy outfits just because you’re traveling. Today I’m sharing 3 travel items you’ll want before you book your next trip that will have you stepping out in style.

How To Travel In Style & Comfort

Women wearing Frank & Eileen Travel Set and rolling Away Aluminum Edition Luggage.

Woman wearing Frank & Eileen Aspen Travel Set.

Women wearing Frank & Eileen Travel Set and rolling Away Aluminum Edition Luggage.

Frank & Eileen Travel Sets

Ready, Set Go! Your travel set has just been upgraded! Comfortable clothes are a must. But don’t sacrifice comfort for frumpy. Frank & Eileen’s Travel Sets with a cropped pant and matching capelet are a step up from your usual leggings and sweatshirt combo. A set like this will have you feeling incredibly put-together, no matter what your travel day brings. Obsessed!

Aspen Travel Set in Black // Malibu Travel Set in White

Away Travel Luggage

I took the plunge a few years ago and invested in the Away Travel Luggage. I went with the Aluminum Edition. I absolutely love my Bigger Carry On! The company discontinued this gorgeous gold color, but it’s available in onyx black, silver and rose gold.

Sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines and compact enough for train and car trips alike, this suitcase makes a statement wherever it goes. The striking aluminum hard shell, 360° spinner wheels that ensure a smooth ride, and signature interior compression system for effortless packing, this suitcase is built to last. Plus, I really appreciate that each ding tells a story of your travels together.

My boys have the Away Bigger Carry-On in durable Polycarbonate that comes in about 7 different colors.

Women wearing Frank & Eileen Travel Set and rolling Away Aluminum Edition Luggage.

Rydir Luggage Band

Rydir Luggage Band

Part bag stabilizer, part travel dust bag, the Rydir Luggage Band secures your bag to your suitcase so you can move freely. I never leave home without it and I assure you it will become your favorite travel companion. Whether you travel frequently or occasionally, you’re going to want this travel accessory. Trust me, it’s a simple stress reliever and it also makes a great gift! I love the NEW colors too…orange and royal blue!

Rydir Bands work like spanx for your carry-on, keeping everything safe and secure AND protecting your bag at the same time. You simply slip the RYDIR Band over your tote or backpack and it keeps your bag in place…no more rolling off the side. Are you with me? That’s enough to make me LOVE it so much but that’s not all it does:

  • It keeps your tote or backpack in place on your roller
  • It allows you to be hands-free in the terminal by stashing loose jackets, magazines or water bottles between your bag and your RYDIR Band
  • It protects your bag from gross airport germs
  • It keeps your valuables inside your tote more secure

RYDIR has generously extended a 15% discount code to all of my readers! Use code: MEGANSAUSTAD at checkout. 

Women wearing Frank & Eileen Travel Set and holding white persian kitten.

The hardest part about leaving…saying goodbye to my new kittens. How darling is Ollie?

Thanks so much for reading!

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