Over 50 fashion blogger from Dallas showcasing Avaline Wine as one of the best organic low sugar wines available.

Avaline Wine

Nowadays we know the content of everything we consume, from food to beauty products, so why should our choice of wine be any different?
Avaline Wine, co-founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, has quickly become the preferred choice for wine enthusiasts. Their commitment to producing clean, organically farmed wines without unnecessary additives sets them apart. Avaline wines are crafted from organic grapes, free of synthetic pesticides, concentrates, colors, and added sugars, ensuring a natural and authentic taste. The brand’s dedication to transparency means consumers always know what’s in their bottle. This blend of purity and honesty resonates with a growing number of health-conscious wine lovers, making Avaline a clear standout in the industry. I was lucky enough to try a few of their most popular options and let me tell you, ladies, I have certainly found a few new favorites. Keep scrolling to learn all about what I am sure is to be your newest drink of choice!

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Over 40 fashion influencer wearing a gorgeous palm dress with raffia wedges while pouring a glass of Avaline Wine.

Megan From Truly Megan blog sharing her latest wine discovery: Avaline Wine.

The Cava (Sparkling Rosé- Limited Edition)

The first option I tasted was the sparkling Rosé, which I immediately thought would make a lovely swap for traditional champagne, especially in the spring and summertime. It would make the perfect summer wedding wine with notes of raspberry and citrus, with a toasty brioche finish. It contains a blend of Xarel·lo grapes which are one of the three main grapes used in making sparkling wines in Spain as well as Macabeo grapes which add light floral and fruit notes, giving the wine its aromatics. Lastly, we have the Grenache grape which is dark red and full of red berry fruit notes, bringing a beautiful pink hue to the wine. I highly recommend giving this perfect toasting wine a try this summer!

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4 different bottles of organic low sugar wine blends

White Blend and Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing and crisp wine featuring notes of zesty citrus and rose petals. This vibrant wine is crafted from organically grown grapes, including Sauvignon Blanc and a touch of Macabeo. With a clean finish and natural brightness, it’s perfect for pairing with light meals and enjoying on a sunny day.
Avaline’s White Wine blend is an easy-drinking, dry wine with a touch of citrus and a fresh finish. It is a blend of four organic grape varieties: Parellada, which brings tart notes of green apple; White Grenache which is light and expressive, offering up sunny notes of lemon zest and stone fruit. Xarel-lo, which gives it a hint of sea spray and rounds out with tangy lemon tart vibes, and lastly Macabeo which is dry and sharp with aromatic notes of peach blossom. Each grape adds unique characteristics, creating a balanced and delightful wine ideal for any occasion.

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Dallas woman over 50 wearing a gorgeous Elliana Barong dress with tie up platform wedges.

The Rosé

 The last option I tasted was the Rosé, which has a light, fresh finish with notes of melon and zest. It is purported as the best Rosé Katherine has ever had and I’m inclined to agree! It boasts a blend of grapes including Grenache which brings notes of stone and tropical fruit & Cinsault, a low-sugar grape that helps keep the alcohol content low while adding a peachy cantaloupe color and tart cherry to the finish of the blend. There is also the Caladoc grape, which we can thank for the Rosé’s gorgeous color and delicately expressive mouthfeel, and lastly, the Syrah grape which is sweet and spicy, helping to round out the other grapes and brings a light peppery finish. This is the perfect patio wine that pairs well with the warmth of the sun and the company of your best girlfriends!

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Over 40 lifestyle and fashion influencer wearing a gorges Elliana Barong dress while sipping Avaline Wine.

Over 40 Fashion blogger showcasing the most amazing wine from Avaline Wine.


I’m looking forward to enjoying these delicious wines all summer long, and I hope you do too!

CHEERS and thanks for reading!