Dallas lifestyle blogger Megan Saustad introduces Walmart Next Day Delivery service. #walmart #nextdaydelivery #lifestyleblogger

Dallas lifestyle blogger Truly Megan introduces online ordering with Walmart's next day delivery service. #walmart #nextdaydelivery

Dallas lifestyle blogger introduces Walmart next day delivery service. #walmart #momhack #lifestyleblogger

Mrs. Meyer's hand soap and lotion. #mrsmeyers

Dallas lifestyle blogger introduces Walmart next day delivery and two of her favorite products. #ollyvitamins #vegaprotein

Dallas style blogger Truly Megan shows her online delivery order with Walmart next day delivery service. #walmart #momhack #nextdaydelivery

As a busy mom and business owner, I’m always looking for ways to run my home more efficiently. I was thrilled to learn that Walmart is now offering free, Next Day Delivery service on over 100,000 items. This is a game changer with back to school shopping and moving son #2 into his college apartment halfway across the country. Plus, we are always in need of last minute house-hold items and now these products are just a click away.

Introducing Walmart Next Day Delivery

Shopping Walmart’s Next Day Delivery is super easy because you simply click the button on the top of your computer screen that says ‘Next Day Delivery’ and only those items eligible will pop up. Walmart offers everything from household essentials, back to school, electronics, beauty, health and wellness and groceries through their next day delivery with no membership fee and the same everyday low prices we have come to expect. There is a minimum order of $35, but this is so easy to meet. If your order is less than that, the delivery fee is only $5.99 so still a bargain for the added convenience.

What I’m Buying: Walmart Next Day Delivery

I placed an order for school supplies that I knew Campbell would need because I refuse to shop in crowded stores on that first day of school with the ‘list’. Binders, mechanical pencils, college ruled paper and spirals are always needed in high school. I’m also sending these Men’s Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes to keep in his football locker (advice from a mom of three athletes). This is the protein powder my boys like in their smoothies. Raising three growing boys in my home, this has always been a staple.

Stocking up on after school snacks (I can’t keep enough food in my house for my boys), household products and paper goods in bulk are always money and time savers. I find that the prices and selections at Walmart are excellent and being able to  order all of this at the click of a button is truly a life saver during the busy work week. My favorite hand soap and lotion (you can get a three pack) as well as cleaning products by Mrs. Meyer’s are next day eligible from Walmart.

I’m obsessed with Olly Vitamins so I was able to replenish my Women’s Multi-Vitamin. For my daily protein smoothie, I use the Vega-Protein Vanilla Powder also carried by Walmart. If you haven’t tried the Neutrogena Make-Up Cleansing Towelettes, you will be astonished at how much dirt, oil and make-up these remove even after you have washed your face. Order these ladies!

Another huge time saver for me this next week is getting Cade’s apartment basics through Walmart’s Next Day Delivery. I only have two days to get him moved and settled in to his apartment at UVA next week, so I really don’t want to spend time shopping while I’m there. I’m placing an order the day before we leave so his items will arrive right as we do. I’ve got bedding, towels, shelving, hangers, a handheld vacuum, dishes, cookware and several other first apartment needs sitting in my cart just a click away. How easy can it get?

With two of my three boys living in apartments this next year, it will be so convenient whenever they need something to just hop online and get it sent to them via Walmart’s Next Day Delivery.

Are you curious about Walmart’s Next Day Delivery? It’s a mom hack that I highly recommend so be sure and give it a try and let me know what you think.

What’s In My Cart:

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