Dallas Blogger 'Truly Megan' wears Alice and Olivia Jennie bow collar mixed blouse and shares her Thanksgiving tablescape.

Truly Megan's Thanksgiving table inspiration.

Truly Megan's Thanksgiving table decor.

Dallas lifestyle blogger 'Truly Megan' shares her Thanksgiving table inspiration.

Dallas lifestyle blogger 'Truly Megan' shares her Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Dallas style blogger 'Truly Megan' shares her Thanksgiving table decor.

Dallas fashion blogger 'Truly Megan' shares her Thanksgiving table decor.

Dallas style blogger wears Alice and Olivia Jennie bow collar mixed blouse and shares her Thanksgiving table decor.

Dallas style blogger 'Truly Megan' wears Alice and Olivia Jennie bow collar mixed blouse and shares her Thanksgiving table decor.

Our family of five is very fortunate to be having Thanksgiving lunch with my husband’s extended family at my in-law’s country club again this year.  However, with two of my three boys coming home from out of town, we will be having several family meals together and I love setting a beautiful holiday table.  My Thanksgiving table inspiration is very easy to replicate and I ‘m sharing just how to do it.


Whenever I set a table, I try to incorporate old with new.  My husband and I have been gifted several beautiful patterns of fine china over the years that have been passed down in his family.  The gold-rimmed china on my Thanksgiving table was given to us by my mother in law when we were married.

I started collecting these Royal Worcester Evesham Gold salad and bread plates years ago. These accent plates turn this table into a fall themed table instantly.

  Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Dillards and Pier 1 all have the prettiest Thanksgiving themed salad and dessert plates that you can mix with your favorite china.

I adore these turkey salad plates, these turkey accent plates, and these autumn vine salad plates.  These woodland bird plates would also be beautiful on a Thanksgiving table.

I would highly recommend getting a set of gold chargers.  I literally use these for EVERY holiday meal.  They come in so handy and add glam to your table.

How adorable are these silver turkey napkins rings?  They add such a festive touch to the table.  I am using eggplant colored cloth napkins on my table.  You could use any color that coordinates best with your china.

Fresh flowers are always beautiful, but this year I opted for cotton plant garland and swirled the grapevine around glass amber pumpkins.  Several glass pumpkin options are in the ‘shop boutique’ below.  I bought my cotton leaf garland at Ballard Designs in Dallas. Garland makes a dramatic impact on a table and is always unexpected.  My runner is old, but I love this velvet runner.

Always have candles on the table for that beautiful ambience, day or night.

 I linked some charcuterie boards below because I think these are the best appetizers to serve and I also recommend using these as a centerpiece on your table as well. Not only are charcuterie boards delicious, but they are beautiful!  These vintage charcuterie boards are fabulous!

Lastly, you should ALWAYS bring out your fine china, crystal and silver flatware for holiday meals.  Don’t let it sit in your pantry collecting dust.  Use your china and enjoy it…life is short!

I hope you can order online for delivery or pickup or run to your nearest stores and re-create your own beautiful Thanksgiving table just in time for turkey day!


While we are all busy preparing for Thanksgiving by planning, cooking, decorating and for many of us, traveling, do not forget the most important aspect of the day!  Your social interaction at the table can go smoothly or be completely awkward. Thanksgiving gatherings can include new boyfriends or girlfriends, long lost relatives, newly blended families, or grudges between relatives.  This can lead to tension at the table and in many cases difficulty connecting with the person at your side.

 Thanksgiving is about feeling joyful, thankful and comfortable.

Here are some ideas to help your guests have a little more fun at the dinner table and perhaps learn a little bit more about each other

1. Look at the person to your left. What quality in them are you most thankful for? This can help connect people who don’t normally talk, and can even lead to some laughs.

2. What event of this year are you most thankful for? This could be a personal or public event. I would suggest to stay away from politics.

3. Which food we’ll eat tonight are you most thankful for? Even the shyest guest will have no trouble coming up with an answer, and the added benefit is that stressed-out or burned-out cooks will feel appreciated.

4. What lesson have you learned this year that you are thankful for? This question digs a little deeper, so guests might need some time to think about their answers. We seldom get a chance to reflect on our lives like this, so this can be a special time.

5. What book or movie this year have you been thankful for? A more light-hearted question that still helps everyone learn about each other.

6. What personal accomplishment this year are you thankful for? If you have some guests that would be likely to give a speech on the progress of their career, you can decide to ask people ahead of time to limit their answer

7. What disappointment this year are you thankful for? It can be a great question for reflecting on how hard times can actually turn out to be blessings in disguise.

8. What new skill that you’ve learned this year are you thankful for? You can see that many of these conversation topics help people reflect on their year.

9. What habit have you developed this year that you are most thankful for? We spend a lot of time talking about eliminating bad habits, but it’s worth something to look at the good habits we’ve developed and celebrate that they’ve become a part of our everday life.

10. What is the one thing in life you are most thankful for? This really gets to the heart of Thanksgiving’s theme, and it helps people get to the point of what matters most to them.

Conversation topics and questions can be answered one by one as you go around the table, or you can write the questions on slips of paper and place them by people’s plates, or have them draw out of a hat.  You can also just have them on hand in case the conversation fizzles or you need to steer people away from an argument. The point is to get people talking, and to laugh and give thanks as a group for all of our blessings.

I hope you all have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!




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