Dallas lifestyle blogger Truly Megan wearing Cozy Earth loungewear and sharing her work from home tips!

Dallas lifestyle blogger Truly Megan wearing Cozy Earth loungewear and sharing her work from home tips!

Working from home…it’s our new reality!  We are all increasingly connected through the internet, have mastered the art of ZOOM, and actually proving that the modern woman can be just as productive working from home as she can in an office. I’ve been doing #wfh for almost 20 years so today I’m sharing my work from home tips to help you be comfortable and productive in YOUR office space.

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5 Work From Home Tips To Stay Comfortable & Productive:


1. Create A Schedule

This is very important! Create a schedule and stick to it. I’m a list person and I have a daily to-do’s. My day is not complete until everything task is checked off. When working from home it is pertinent that you set an alarm every morning. You should train yourself to get up like there is a traditional job to go to. This will get you in a routine that promotes productivity. Eat a good breakfast and go about your morning routine as if you were leaving for the office. Be at your desk at the same time you would be in your office. Have everything you need at your desk (including that cup of coffee) and set specific times for breaks, including a lunch break. What time is that? Will you take your dog for a walk? What time? Scheduling out your day will make you way more productive.

2. Get Rid Of Distractions

This is super hard! Especially with kids AND HUSBANDS home (thanks Covid) and no supervisor looking over your shoulder. The #1 distraction for most people is their phone. Put it on silent or airplane mode and turn off push notifications. Resist the temptation to check your phone every few minutes. While I say this to you, social media is a HUGE part of my job so I’m on my phone a lot. I have to block off time to check instagram, facebook, etc. or I could go down a huge rabbit hole.

3. Be Comfortable But Not Too Comfortable

Loungewear and athleisure wear sales have skyrocketed as more and more women are working from home. It is important to be comfortable but not too comfortable. Get up and get dressed every day and avoid the temptation of working on your computer from your bed…or even worse, in your pajamas. Now I’m not saying put on a full face of make-up, but studies have shown that getting up and getting dressed puts people in a productive state of mind and helps increase focus and productivity. I know it does for me.

4. Freshen Up Your Space

Make your workspace a place where you enjoy spending time. Add some flowers or a beautiful scented candle and create a space that you want to be in. By the way…this is a sneak peak at my new office. A full blog post will be coming when it is complete.

5. Take Breaks & Eat A Healthy Lunch

Forgetting to eat can cause you to loose motivation, focus and just make you plain hangry. For me, I start getting a headache. Give yourself a lunch break just like you would have at the office. Keep some almonds, bars or other healthy snacks at your desk just in case you get some hunger pangs but avoid junk food.

Being at home all day has it’s advantages but can also have its downfalls. Follow these work from home tips, stay focus, energized and disciplined and be that #bossbabe you are meant to be! I’d love to hear your tips!

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Much love to ALL OF YOU and STAY HEALTHY!

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